Friday, October 1, 2010

Meghan+Derrick :: Married!

Driving through New Jersey on my way to Spring Lake, it was pouring. Like torrential, drive-in-the-slow-lane, sheets of rain pouring. But by the time I pulled-up, there wasn't a drop coming down and bits of blue sky were breaking through the clouds. When I saw Meghan she greeted me with a hug and a huge smile, and said we were definitely going to be on the beach for the ceremony!

We took portraits beforehand, and Derrick's groomsmen led him out to the boardwalk blindfolded before he got to see his bride for the first time in her beautiful, flowing dress. What a tender moment... when they held hands first as they stood back-to-back, the turned and embraced!

The ceremony was just perfect. Once we got back to The Breakers, the sun began to dip-down and the party was on! Meghan+Derrick have an incredibly fun and enthusiastic group of friends and family (Table 19 must be mentioned!) and Jefe Solo rocked the house... the dance floor wasn't empty the whole night (until 11:30 pm on a Sunday, when it was officially over - Impressive, right?)

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Susannah Gill said...

AmAZZZZZZZZZZiNgggggggg!!! LOVE!! You rock heather!