Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Collin's Christening

It seems like only yesterday I was watching Jeff and Diana christen their daughter, Kaelyn. In reality, what feels like just a blink of an eye was nearly three years ago! Suddenly, she's a walking, talking little girl. I'm sure no one finds this more profound than Jeff and Diana, who just christened their second child, Collin.

When I arrived at Jeff and Diana's, I felt the excitement filling every room. Family members (who traveled from NY to FL) prepared for the event as Kaelyn wandered from room to room in her adorable lavender dress and pink, puffy snowboots. Her brother, on the other hand, just went with the flow. A sweet and easy-going baby, Collin explores the world around him with curious eyes and a smile that captivates you from across the room. He didn't even squirm as Mom and Dad dressed him!

The final photos are from both christenings. The left is Kaelyn, the right is Collin - just three years later. On both occassions, I found myself caught completely off guard by this tender moment. I love the joy, pride and emotion on Diana and Jeff's faces.

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