Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Winnie+Chris :: Engaged!

OK, so technically, Chris and Winnie are already married. They had a wonderful ceremony in Thailand last fall where Winnie wore three dresses. Imagine shopping for not one but three dresses?!

Now they're back home in Philadelphia and about to celebrate marital bliss a second time - next weekend! We waited for winter's cold and snow to subside, and met on a lovely, warm day at Rittenhouse Park to hang out, explore their neighborhood and plan out the big day. It was my first time meeting Winnie in person since she was overseas last year during all the wedding planning – and it was lovely to see the two of them together! They're so tender and caring - and always holding hands. Truly a perfect pair!


Laura B said...

Stunning! Love the fourth shot down!

L said...

Lovely, Heather! They make me happy!