Monday, July 30, 2012

Felicia+Chris :: Married!

The morning started with Felicia, her family and bridesmaids getting ready at the Omni hotel, then we headed over to the Shambles at Headhouse where Chris and everyone else was anxiously waiting! What a great venue for a wedding... gorgeous light streaming in, the wind rustling the leaves and a gentle breeze keeping everyone cool. Perfection!

Chris proudly walked out to "Here Comes Your Man", high-fiving and fist-bumping onlookers. Felicia's father lead her down the aisle, her expressions of joy and excitement, and his of sheer pride, were priceless! After a sweet ceremony by their officiant Eileen and friend Tomas, the new Mr. & Mrs. were showered with lavender buds and cheers.

The next stop was the Free Library of Philadelphia's Central Branch, where we grabbed some stunning portraits on the roof before the reception got started. Art direction credit for the final image goes to our groom - who had the inspiration to visit Logan Circle once night fell!


Natalie said...

I've never seen a couple look so incredibly happy. These photos made me smile just looking at them. Beautiful.

Heather DiPiazza said...

Aren't they the awesomest?! Thanks for commenting Natalie :)