Monday, May 3, 2010

Katie+Wally :: Engaged!

Our original plan was to wander around Rittenhouse Square - but at the last minute we added the Philadelphia Museum of Art - since Katie and Wally love it there! To our surprise, the front steps were swarming with volunteers for the "15th Annual Dash For Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Run-Walk." Luckily it's a big museum, with lots of wonderful little alcoves and spots, so we ducked around a corner and explored!

It was one of the chilliest mornings we've had in a while, but they did an excellent job of looking comfortable... Katie really loved the moments when I'd call for a snuggled-up shot (which I did a few extra times to keep the poor girl from shivering!) Great job guys!

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Sarah, Steve, and Dalia said...

I just love number two. You guys are so beautiful and we are thrilled that you found each other. A million congrats and we wish you only the best for a long and happy future!!

Sarah, Steve, and Dalia