Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adria+Stephanie :: Married!

Ten colorful bridesmaids. Four handsome ushers. Two beautiful brides. One very special day.

Adria and Stephanie's wedding was held at Dolce in King of Prussia, and every detail was perfect, from the adorable dress their dog Zoe wore, to the decor, the centerpieces and even the handcrafted wedding bands (designed and created by Adria - modeled after the iron railing of the staircase.)

One of my favorite moments was when Stephanie surprised Adria with a dance to Madonna's "Crazy for You" - Stephanie sang along, and during the last chorus the DJ turned off the sound and had all the guests serenade them - it brought me to tears... Congratulations to an amazing couple, with an energy and passion that's inspiring!

Seeing each other for the first time!

A great big thanks to Laura Leigh, for introducing us!


Jennifer Ward said...

Your pictures are AMAZING!!! You did a wonderful job :-)

Nicole Peterson said...

I absolutely loved this wedding. It looked so fresh and gorgeous. And can I take that lovely little fur baby home with me?