Friday, August 13, 2010

Anjali+Tarah :: Married!

Anjali and Tarah's wedding was held at Onteora Mountain House - which I've been lucky enough to visit twice this year! Although it was warm, a lovely, cool breeze blew over the mountain and gave life to the ceremonial structure; the fabric draped across it danced and waved in celebration. The ceremony, a beautiful blend of Jewish and Hindu traditions, was crafted by Anjali and Tarah personally. Everywhere you looked there were bold colors; family and friends were adorned bangles, sipping mango lassis, and dressed in every color imaginable! Combined with the smell of incense, the aroma of delicious food, and the roar of joy and was a feast for the senses!

Anjali's wore the same jewelry her mother, Neena, wore at her own wedding...

The Chunni that Anjali's parents and cousins draped over their heads is a blessed family cloth which has been worn by every bride in her family for three generations. It symbolizes honor and good luck.

Anjali personalized the photo booth with a stunning fabric which she brought back from India!


debbie said...

the fabric is just yummy!!!
Stunning images!

Amanda Young said...

OMG. These are GORGEOUS. Love all the details and bright colors. So pretty - and gorgeous job. Love, love, love them!

Nicole Peterson said...

This wedding was absolutely stunning because of its simplicity and that it was so full of meaning in the details that tied them to generations before. Absolutely gorgeous captures ... so many unexpected angles and details that were soo intimate. Heather I loved it!!!!