Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meghan+Derrick :: Engaged!

Meghan and Derrick love all things water; surfing (which they learned together), snowboarding (that's water, sort of, right?), working on restoring Meghan's grandfather's boat... they're even getting married on the water, at The Breakers in NJ. This is definitely what inspired me during our engagement session at Rock Creek Park - although it was more of a lake than a creek to me... We spent half our time driving around discovering cool spots to shoot (and saw a few fawn relaxing near a corn field!) and the rest having fun by the water, until the sun sank behind the trees!

A very big thank you to Noelle for introducing us!

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Noelle Andrews said...

Love love LOVE the pics! From one photographer to another I couldn't be happier that you are shooting my best friends wedding!!! Great job!