Friday, July 15, 2011

Liz + Patrick :: Engaged!

We met at Logan Circle on a hot summer day, but as the sun dipped down past the Art Museum, a cool breeze blew through Center City that cheered us along as we snapped, laughed, and paused to say hello to people Patrick knew. It was quite funny actually - during our walk he was stopped by a couple of people (and it was a short walk!) so I nicknamed him "The Mayor" (which ended up being pretty funny since we saw Mayor Nutter hanging out at the Comcast Building in the middle of our escapades!)

Patrick and Liz got engaged at City Hall during the holidays - so we grabbed a few shots there to commemorate the moment! It's such an impressive building, with mini parks and waterfalls and benches and nooks all around... Definitely worth a walk through if you've only admired it from afar.

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