Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Laura+Jim :: Married!

This lovely, intimate wedding was filled with many firsts for me...

First Wednesday wedding: Laura and Jim tied the knot on the anniversary of their engagement - the day before Thanksgiving. Super cool.

First candle-lit ceremony: Almost the entire room was illuminated by candles - dotted along the aisles, hung in tiny glass pots from branches behind the officiant, flanking the corners of the room in tall, regal vases, and held delicately, in the hands of all the guests.

First small group: Forty of their closest friends and family, gathered together to celebrate their love, their unity and each other.

If you're wondering where these magical spots are... The ceremony was at The Loft in Montclair, NJ, a gorgeous space - the perfect blend of modern and cozy. The reception was held at Orbis Bistro, just a few minutes away, and the spot where Laura and Jim had dinner the night they were engaged!

Congrats Laura & Jim! What a wonderful way to start the holidays!


Kate Feuerstein said...

What a gorgeous album! I am so happy that Laura's 'real' smile was captured. The one where Jim is looking at her as she laughs is so 'them'. Congrats guys!

Anonymous said...

Heather these are fantastic. I know the lighting had to be a challenge, but you would never know it looking at these shots. Bravo!

Caits said...

What a gorgeous wedding!!!!! Great job, Heather. I agree with "anonymous"...wonderful job with the lighting!

Nicole Peterson said...

Loved the intimacy of this wedding. I know how challenging the lighting must have been and the photos are absolutely GORGE! You captured the ambiance perfectly.